Covers by Bey Deckard

Book cover design for ebooks and print copies
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I offer both front and back covers for printed works. This is the cover for my own book. This is how it looks printed on a matte cover.

I'm a portrait artist, an illustrator, and a digital artist. I've designed CD covers, posters, and corporate merchandise.

Now I am branching out to book cover design.

I can make some simple, stylized designs... ...find a creative font to put over a black and white picture...
Pair a beautiful photograph with the right font for your story... ...or throw in a little Tarantino style
We can go a little more artistic... ...or very very basic
You wrote a book about vain vampire vixens set in the 1980s? Sure - I can work with that.

It's really up to you.

My starting price is $20 CAD, stock images included. The more complex your cover, the more it will cost you - to a maximum of $70 per cover (front and back considered separate pieces). These are just a few things I whipped up specifically for this page (save the cover for Caged). Something like Spoon will run you $20 and the front cover of Caged would run you $70.

I will customize something for your budget.

You know what? I'm also open to bartering services.

See anything that you like? Want to see more of what I do?

Contact me and we'll discuss pricing.

- Bey